Listy for JW Player

About Listy for JW Player

Listy for JW Player is a plugin providing feature rich, customisable playlists which can be saved and loaded between sites.

It provides the capabilities to allow playlists to be manipulated without interrupting play or having to re-initialise the player.

Latest features

  • JW7 ready - Version 7 of JW Player has replaced the existing "listbar" with a new "visual playlist" device which appears as you move over a new control bar icon. Listy offers the means to stick with the familiar JW6 style listbar.
  • Tubey integration - Allows multiple YouTube and Soundcloud playlists to be initially loaded into the player
  • Add from Soundcloud - Search and add Soundcloud files directly from within the Listy playlist
  • Save / load playlist - A premium feature which will allow your users to register with Listy giving them the ability to save, load and create new playlists. Saved playlists can then be accessed across sites, browsers or devices
  • Export – Use Listy to build your playlists and then export to JSON or RSS at the touch of a button
  • Prefetch - Allowing you to configure Listy to prefetch playlist items which are available via progressive download in order to boost performance when switching between items

Other features

  • Shuffle – Randomise the remaining playlist, after the current playing item, at the touch of a button, or when the playlist loads for the first time
  • Search – Quickly pinpoint the item you are looking for without needing to scroll through a long list
  • Edit – Add, remove and move items around a playlist without interrupting the current playback
  • Preview – Check you’ve got it right before adding an item to the playlist
  • Custom parameters – Add custom parameters to playlist items – which will then be searched against or can be displayed in a custom playlist
  • Add from YouTube – Search and add YouTube videos directly from within the Listy playlist
  • Accessible – Navigate through playlist items using a keyboard only
  • Next / Previous – Navigate through playlist items using the next and previous buttons on the JW Player control bar
  • Multiple skinning – Apply separate skins to each component: the player, the playlist and Listy controls
  • Custom playlist HTML – Complete control over the playlist HTML and the associated styling
  • Custom buttons & labels – All labelling within Listy is configurable – allowing for localisation

Coming soon

  • Add from Vimeo - Search and Add Vimeo Pro files to your playlist
  • API - Attach functions to Listy events, build custom actions and manipulate playlists using your own coding logic
  • Listy code gallery - Pre-built examples which you can download and use on your own sites