Tracky for JW Player

Player library

Currently using: JW 6.12

Tracky for JW Player is a plugin providing a basic API for Tracks (captions/chapters/thumbnails).

Get Tracky for JW Player

You can get Tracky for JW Player here.

Or you can link directly to Tracky by including the following in your JW "plugins" setup block:

  plugins: {

The "track" object

By default, the bulk of Tracky API calls will return track data in the form of a JavaScript Object (or an Array of Objects).

The track object takes the following form:

    begin: "00:00:00,000", // The track's beginning time as a String
    beginPosition: 0, // The track's beginning time represented as seconds
    chapter: "1", // The WebVTT chapter title (if included) or a String indicating the track number
    end: "00:01:42,000", // The track's end time as a String
    endPosition: 102, // The track's end time represented as seconds
    info: "Opening credits", // The track's information - could be a Chapter heading, Caption text or an Image URL + offsets
    num: 0 // zero-based Array index of this track

Most API methods allow you to request a specific property from the track object by passing the property String as a parameter.