Enabling JW Player captions on iOS

Player library

Currently using: JW 7.2.4
JW 7.2.4 | JW 7.3.0

A plugin/bookmarklet fix for making JW Player support WebVTT captions on iOS

JW Player plugin (server-side fix)

  "plugins": {

Video with plugin fix applied

iOS Bookmarklet (client-side fix)

In the case of desktop browsers like Chrome or Firefox, you can simply drag a bookmarklet to the bookmarks toolbar but unfortunately, the Safari browser of an iOS device doesn’t support this style of installation.

Fortunately there is an easy workaround...

Step 1) Click this Bookmarklet link and then bookmark/save the page in your iOS Safari browser.

Step 2) Edit the saved bookmark and remove everything from the URL that’s before the # symbol.

Step 3) Click "Done" and your bookmarklet is now installed.

Now when you visit a page with JW Player and WebVTT captions using your iOS device, simply select the bookmark from your favourites in order to enable captioned video - you can test this on the video below.

Video without plugin fix applied

That's it!